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Thoughts on the Previews: October 30, 2015

Krampus (Michael Dougherty, USA 2015)

  • Adam Scott is showing up a lot since the death of Parks and Recreation (two years too late)
  • About the first 1/3 of the trailer looks like a rather fun comedic take on the type of idea Supernatural would have made a fun holiday episode out of six years ago, and then it looks completely serious after. So I don’t know what to make of this thing–is it a self-aware, comedic horror film, or is it taking a really stupid idea very seriously? Either way, it may be worth a laugh. And that first 1/3 really is pretty funny.

The Forest (Jason Zada, USA 2016)

  • I made enough fun of this concept earlier, but something I forgot to mention about the stupidity of this trailer: this idea of “twin telepathy” is nonsense. It’s been studied. It does not exist. Most people think (even though they wouldn’t admit it) that people who look alike must be alike and be connected, but it is not true.

Victor Frankenstein (Paul McGuigan, USA 2015)

  • It’s been 21 years since a major Hollywood version of Frankenstein, which was the excellent Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (Kenneth Branagh, USA 1994), so maybe it’s time for a new one. It’s difficult to tell whether this has any kind of a new take on the story, but I for one hope for it.
  • Daniel Radcliffe has been a very, very inconsistent actor. Even in Harry Potter films, he would veer wildly between being quite good and being awful beyond words.

Star Wars: Episode VII–The Force Awakens (J.J. Abrams, USA 2015)

  • Nothing happened in this trailer. Seriously nothing. I laughed.
  • However, the images of the destroyed spaceship on the desert and the melted Darth Vader mask were extremely effective.
  • Much has been made of the fact that Luke Skywalker has been absent from all promotional material. I for one do not care.
  • The trailer was more effective than it should have been.
  • I want to find somewhere to bet $100 right now on this being the highest-grossing movie of all time. And if I could also bet on it not being very good, I would do so.





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