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Tag: Thomas Schnauz

  • TV Episode Review: “Better Call Saul” “Pimento” (01.09, 2015)

    Written by Thomas Schnauz Directed by Thomas Schnauz The big question left after the last episode of Better Call Saul was exactly what Chuck dropping that box meant. Was he shocked to realize that his “illness” had gone away, and about to celebrate? Was he panicking at the realization that he had gone outside and…

  • TV Episode Review: “Breaking Bad”-“Say My Name” (05.07, 2012)

    “Say My Name” (05.07, 2012) Written by Thomas Schnauz (Previous Episodes: “One Minute,” “Abiquiu,” “Shotgun,” “Bug,” and “End Times”) Directed by Thomas Schnauz (No Previous Episodes) Once again, a longtime Breaking Bad writer gets a shot behind the camera in this one, and Thomas Schnauz turns out to be up to the task. This episode…

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