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  • TV Episode Review: “Breaking Bad” “Felina” (05.16, 2013)

    Written by Vince Gilligan (Previous Episodes: “Pilot,” “Cat’s in the Bag,” “…And the Bag’s in the River,” “Peekaboo,” “ABQ,” No Mas,” “Full Measure,” “Box Cutter,” “Face Off,” “Live Free or Die,” and “Madrigal”) Directed by Vince Gilligan (Previous Episodes: “Pilot,” “Full Measure,” “End Times,” and “Face Off”) As I have said, Breaking Bad exists in…

  • TV Episode Review: “Breaking Bad” “Granite State” (05.15, 2013)

    Written by Peter Gould (Previous Episodes: “A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal,” “Bit by a Dead Bee,” “Better Call Saul,” “Caballo sin Nombre,” “Kafkaesque,” “Half Measures,” “Problem Dog,” “Salud,” “Hazard Pay,” and “Blood Money”) Directed by Peter Gould (Previous Episode: “Problem Dog”) Back in “End Game” (04.12, 2011), a despondent Walter White sits at his backyard table, certain…

  • TV Episode Review: “Breaking Bad” “Ozymandias” (05.14, 2013)

    Written by Moira Walley-Beckett (Previous Episodes: “Breakage,” “Over,” “Más,” “Fly,” “Bullet Points,” “Bug,” “End Times,” and “Gliding over All”) Directed by Rian Johnson (Previous Episodes: “Fly” and “Fifty-One”) Back when I reviewed the first episode of this half-season, “Blood Money,” I wrote that, “My guess is that [Heisenberg] is able to buy enough time from…

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