TV Episode Review: “Better Call Saul” “Alpine Shepherd Boy” (01.05, 2015)

Written by Bradley Paul

Directed by Nicole Kassell

Better Call Saul has, in its first four episodes, been a series so focused on its protagonist that no one else has really had a chance to show much definition. Kim Wexler is a mid-ranking attorney at a big law firm and good friends with Jimmy, but we don’t know anything else about her. Mike Ehrmantraut is a world-weary former cop who now works at a parking garage, so we know there’s a story there (And from Breaking Bad we know much of what there is to the later edition of Mike anyway, but we don’t know how different he is in this earlier time.) Even Chuck McGill, played by a legitimate star actor in Michael McKean, has been left to provide a mix of comic relief and caring depth for Jimmy. Still, the series has subtly given us much of Chuck’s back story: he was a very gifted attorney who rose to an impressive height helping to build the firm Hamlin, Hamlin, and McGill but then ran into a road block when he suddenly found himself stricken with what he believes to be a sensitivity to electromagnetism, which he has managed with a lot of Jimmy’s help for some time. Continue reading