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Category: Family Drama

  • Movie Review: “Creed” (Ryan Coogler, USA 2015)

    Nostalgia can be difficult to use in a film. Making references to earlier films, characters, etc. can be a great nod for older fans but can be empty for newer viewers. And if you’re borrowing too much, the winks and nods turn the film into a rehashing of the past. Look at the Back to the…

  • Movie Review: “Begin Again” (John Carney, USA 2013)

    One thing I should get out of the way immediately: This is a music movie, and I absolutely detested the music. It’s everything I hate–vapid, radio-friendly wuss-pop filled with “delicate” piano lines, far too many people singing in falsetto, and horrible over-loud simplistic drums. The best part of the music was the dirty, feedback-filled mess…

  • Movie Review: “Draft Day” (Ivan Reitman, USA 2014)

    Ivan Reitman is still around 30 years after directing Ghostbusters (USA 1984). In that time, he has directed such other classics as . . . okay, so he’s directed nothing else that anyone should see. When I first saw a trailer for Draft Day, I really did laugh out loud. I could not believe that…

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