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  • Movie Review: “Concussion” (Peter Landesman, UK/Australia/USA 2015)

    This is the basic premise of Concussion: an immigrant doctor uncovers a terrible brain injury being caused by football and works to bring it to light. That premise could be used to make films about a number of things. It could be a film about how terrible Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy is, by using Omalu’s discovery as…

  • Movie Review: “Creed” (Ryan Coogler, USA 2015)

    Nostalgia can be difficult to use in a film. Making references to earlier films, characters, etc. can be a great nod for older fans but can be empty for newer viewers. And if you’re borrowing too much, the winks and nods turn the film into a rehashing of the past. Look at the Back to the…

  • Movie Review: “Steve Jobs” (Danny Boyle, USA 2015)

    For many years, Aaron Sorkin was one of the best dialogue writers in Hollywood. Even when he was writing dull stories, they were often entertaining just for the sparkling language. Then, The Social Network (David Fincher, USA 2010) happened. While that film had some moments where Sorkin’s dialogue retained remnants of its old glory, it…

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