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Month: November 2014

  • TV Episode Review: “Doctor Who” “Death in Heaven” (08.12, 2014)

    Written by Steven Moffat Directed by Rachel Talalay I’m not a fan of the Cybermen. I’m not a fan of UNIT or the Doctor’s relationship to it. Still, the Master is my favorite villain, so I thought this had a chance. I was wrong. It’s the kind of overly militaristic, far-too-fight-heavy, extremely overblown episode that…

  • Movie Review: “Interstellar” (Christopher Nolan, USA/UK 2014)

    *Update: Phil Plait has an article up about the science involved in Interstellar. He’s obviously of a very different opinion about the film’s artistic quality than I am, but he really is an astronomer, so trust him about the science. I certainly knew the system orbiting the black hole was wrong and the time dilation…

  • Thoughts on the Previews: November 6, 2014

    Spoiler for tomorrow’s review: Interstellar (Christopher Nolan, USA/UK 2014) is great–the best film I’ve seen all year. The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies (Peter Jackson, New Zealand/USA 2014) I spent half an hour trying to find out what it was after, because I swear I know the music from this trailer, and I feel…

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