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Month: September 2013

  • TV Episode Review: “Breaking Bad” “Felina” (05.16, 2013)

    Written by Vince Gilligan (Previous Episodes: “Pilot,” “Cat’s in the Bag,” “…And the Bag’s in the River,” “Peekaboo,” “ABQ,” No Mas,” “Full Measure,” “Box Cutter,” “Face Off,” “Live Free or Die,” and “Madrigal”) Directed by Vince Gilligan (Previous Episodes: “Pilot,” “Full Measure,” “End Times,” and “Face Off”) As I have said, Breaking Bad exists in…

  • TV Season Review: “Orphan Black” Season One (2013)

    Plot is the story being told. Annie Hall‘s (Woody Allen, USA 1977) plot is that two people meet, have a tumultuous relationship in which they fall and break up numerous times, and then finally break up for good. Narrative is the way the story is told. In Annie Hall, it is told through a series…

  • TV Episode Review: “Breaking Bad” “Granite State” (05.15, 2013)

    Written by Peter Gould (Previous Episodes: “A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal,” “Bit by a Dead Bee,” “Better Call Saul,” “Caballo sin Nombre,” “Kafkaesque,” “Half Measures,” “Problem Dog,” “Salud,” “Hazard Pay,” and “Blood Money”) Directed by Peter Gould (Previous Episode: “Problem Dog”) Back in “End Game” (04.12, 2011), a despondent Walter White sits at his backyard table, certain…

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