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Month: June 2013

  • Movie Review: “The Cabin in the Woods” (Drew Goddard, USA 2012)

    The tagline for this film was, “If you hear a strange sound outside, have sex.” Similar to Pauline Kael’s famous description of the basic appeal of movies as “kiss kiss, bang bang,” this tagline actually describes horror movies in a nutshell. However, like Kael’s statement and the later film named after it (Kiss Kiss Bang…

  • Movie Review: “Knuckleball!” (Ricki Stern/Anne Sundberg, USA 2012)

    I don’t really like reviewing documentaries, particularly when I don’t find them particularly compelling. The reason is that they’re very difficult to judge and really quite different from non-documentary films, because they also require some fidelity to truth–they have to be held to journalistic standards as well as artistic ones, and there are only so…

  • TV Episode Review: “Breaking Bad”-“Gliding over All” (05.08, 2012)

    “Gliding Over All” (05.08, 2012) Written by Moira Walley-Beckett (Previous Episodes: “Breakage,” “Over,” “Mas,” “Fly,” “Bullet Points,” “Bug,” and “End Times”) Directed by Michelle McLaren (Previous Episodes: “4 Days Out,” “I.F.T.,” “One Minute,” “Abiquiu,” “Thirty-Eight Snub,” “Shotgun,” “Salud,” and “Madrigal”)   We all knew this was how this half-season would end, didn’t we? It was…

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