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Month: February 2013

  • 2013 Oscar Predictions

                This is my post predicting the Oscar winners for the year. Please note that these are predictions of who will win the awards, not analyses of who should win.   Best Picture Predicted Winner: Lincoln (Steven Spielberg, USA 2012)             Lincoln is a lock here. The Best Picture Oscar, like sports MVPs, is determined…

  • A Review of the 2012 Oscars One Year Later

    The Oscars are coming up. While the awards themselves are often stupid and rarely provide any real interest, they are the highest-profile movie awards and they provide a great chance to look back over film history and the past year in films. One of my favorite exercises at Oscar time is to go back and…

  • Movie Review: “The Woman in Black” (James Watkins, UK/Canada/Sweden 2012)

    Films are, almost by definition, built on three-act structures. This film was interestingly easily divisible into its acts, with severely differing moods and levels of quality. In the first act, a depressed widower lawyer is sent to search a recently-deceased old woman’s house for her will (A strange premise, but it’s just a MacGuffin anyway.),…

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